Fun Workouts: How to Enjoy Getting Fit

Are there such things as fun workouts? Well that depends. If you enjoy working out there’s a good chance you’ll find it fun as well, but if you find it a chore then it may be a challenge. There’s no easy answer to this other than your attitude towards it and you have control over that, you really do.

It’s important to have a reason why you’re working out. Obviously you want to be fit and healthy, but there may be other reasons such as wanting to lose weight or you may sit in an office all day and a workout is the only exercise you get.


Fun Workouts at the Gym


If you join a gym it can be quite intimidating to begin with. Yes, there are all shapes and sizes who already go there, but when you first start it’s natural to feel conscious about it. You’re the newbie who doesn’t know what to do while everyone one else is on a roll. Are they looking at you or worse laughing? Of course not. Most are in their own little world concentrating on what they’re doing, not even noticing you and chances are, many feel as conscious as you do.

Overcoming these type of feelings will have a major impact on how you feel about working out in the gym. Attitude, discipline and mind-set are all really important, don’t underestimate them. The gym environment can also have many positive effects. While you might not be directly competing with anyone, the mere fact there are others there doing what you’re doing, can create a competitive atmosphere. This in itself can be fun and give you plenty of motivation.

You’ll obviously get some professional advice as to what and how much exercise you need to include in your workouts, but you can also concentrate on the parts you enjoy the most. You don’t need to compete with those around you, set yourself goals and concentrate on the results. Picture how you’ll look and feel when you get to that goal. They need to be stretching but achievable goals otherwise they’ll never be fun.

At the gym or not, what about going one step further and create your own fitness plan or even a personal boot camp. Use various exercises and set different goals but be sure to build in rest periods. You’ll be challenging yourself to achieve more and it’s likely you will do so and enjoy it. Don’t forget to incorporate your activity tracker into this if you have one. Letting it help by measuring your capabilities and setting reasonable goals should make a real difference. Sharing results with others via the app that’s supplied with most of them can be a great motivator.


More Exercise Ideas


You may be the type of person who would rather exercise as part of a group rather than by yourself. How about joining a sports club of some sort? Depending on your own tastes, you could join a badminton club, tennis club or rowing club. The possibilities are more or less endless. It won’t be so much about fun workouts but more about taking part in a social activity that happens to keep you fit as well. Now that has to be fun, doesn’t it?

Social activities that keep you fit don’t have to be about fun exercises for adults, they can be something much less related to working out. Whilst not too strenuous, walking is an excellent activity to help you keep fit. You could always join a walking club. It doesn’t have to be walking in the hills or mountains, it can be something like signing up to take a walking tour around places of interest or historical towns. Your activity tracker will be able to record steps taken and calories burned etc. so you can see the positive results on your body, plus you will be enjoying yourself!

There are many other activities not directly linked to getting fit that can have a positive effect on your health and fitness. What about dancing? It can certainly be strenuous depending on the type of dancing you’re doing.

Cleaning, perhaps a bit off the wall but it is an activity that can take some effort if you want it to. Most people probably don’t like cleaning too much, but it has to be done. If you concentrate on the end result (a clean house), you might enjoy it and if you put some real effort into it, get some good exercise too.

Video games are another option. There are plenty of interactive games such as tennis and the like that you can use to improve your fitness. It’s important to choose only games that require you to stand up or you risk the couch potato trap!

Another idea may be to NOT meet for a coffee. Instead of meeting up with a friend or colleague for a coffee, why not go for a walk or do some other activity which involves an amount of exercise. You can get quite creative with this!




If you struggle to do any exercise just because you don’t enjoy it, the trick is to try and find a way to make it enjoyable. Exercise in itself might not be a pleasurable experience but if it has purpose or is a means to an end then it can become something different. Try to look at it as something other than a task, remember what we said earlier: attitude, discipline and mind-set. Those three things will make a big difference by shifting your perspective.

Look for other activities that aren’t strictly exercise but will have a positive impact on your health by requiring an amount of physical activity. A word of warning though, social activities such as joining a squash club often have other activities attached. By that we mean going for a beer after your game. Of course you’ve worked up a thirst and going for a drink extends the social activity even further, making it more enjoyable but don’t overdo it!

You can do fun workouts by adapting them to what you enjoy, not seeing them as a tedious task and keeping a focus on where you want to get to. The possibilities are endless as long as you look at exercise in this way.