How to Get Motivated to Exercise and Eat Healthy

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Achieving fitness can be a right pain, but do you want to know how to get motivated to exercise and eat healthy? If you want to get fit you’d perhaps think motivation might come naturally, but that’s not always the case.

When starting out with any task, the end result can seem too far away or too overwhelming. There’s a danger this can stop you in your tracks or even prevent you from ever starting. You know the story – “I’ll start tomorrow”, you say.

Sometimes it’s easier to say you’re going to do it rather than actually doing it. Procrastination plays a part here, delaying succeeds over doing. There can be many reasons for procrastinating, but fear of failure often plays a big part. Self-confidence and belief, or more accurately, lack of belief can be the root cause.

If you lack motivation to exercise and get fit then it might help to take an honest look in the mirror, not to look at how unfit you are, but to dig deep into yourself to find out why? Putting laziness to one side, although it can be a factor, you’ll probably discover that it’s something as simple as making it to the first hurdle. Once you’re off the starting line, it’ll get easier.


Getting Motivated to Exercise and Eat Healthy


If you do lack confidence in yourself, it might be better to focus on the result you would like to achieve. Don’t dwell too much on where you are now, but where you will be after a short time. Visualisation can help, if you can see how you’ll be when you reach your goal it will be a natural motivator.

henry ford
Henry Ford

It’s important to believe in what you’re visualising otherwise it can’t work. Remember what Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right“. So true! Consider also what Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. Inner thoughts and beliefs are very important when it comes to taking some kind of action. If you don’t believe, then you’d best give up now and try something else.

Setting yourself goals is important when considering how to motivate yourself and eat healthy. Goals give us something to focus on. They need to be achievable but also stretching to take us beyond our comfort zone.

There’s no point in setting a goal that’s too easy to achieve, maybe when you first start, but you need to set yourself up for continual progress. If each goal is just beyond what you’ve already achieved, it will be realistic but not too easy. This can be very motivational.

Setting a really difficult-to-reach goal can sometimes motivate you to try much harder but if it borders on being almost impossible to reach, then it may very well be demotivating. As already mentioned, if you can’t see yourself achieving, then move on. Don’t fight a battle you know you can’t win!


Using a Device for Exercise Motivation


Many of the fitness trackers available today can lend a hand with goals. Most of them are able to collate the data they receive from your workouts and then set goals for you. Other models need you to set the goals yourself, but will keep track of how you’re doing and “praise” you when they are reached.

Fitness tracker

Involving others can help with motivation, whether it’s sharing your progress or competing with someone, it gives you a reason to do better. Again, fitness trackers can help here. Most provide online storage of your data which will help you watch your progress over time, but you’re also able to share this info with others if you want to. You can use this to compete with family or friends and thereby motivate yourself to do better.

Fitness tracker apps and online services often have large online communities who share and compete with one another. This can provide a healthy, competitive and motivational space where everyone has similar interests, so there’s a sense of belonging. You can compete and share about how to get motivated to exercise and eat healthy.


Step on the Scales


You may not see weighing yourself as a motivator, but we’re not talking about stepping on the bathroom scales to be delivered bad news. There’s a whole new way to assess your body’s health and fitness by stepping on the scales. Not just any old bathroom scales, but body composition scales.

body composition monitorTechnology has been applied keeping a record of your weight, body composition will tell you your weight and estimate your body fat percentage. Some can tell you much more, such as your BMI, muscle mass, body water percentage and even assess your body age compared to your actual age!

This may sound a little too much, but if you’re trying to lose weight, having a range of measurements that give an overview of your body’s health, it might motivate you to look at what you eat. When you do that, you’re bound to eat healthily. That might be the motivation you need to get started.


Write About How to get Motivated to Exercise and Eat Healthy


bloggingAnother way is to involve others in your journey of getting motivated to exercise and eat healthy by starting an online blog. Just by writing down details of your progress, it becomes more real and by making it available for anyone to see, can also help.

If you start blogging about your journey of how you get motivated to exercise and eat healthy, you never know where it might lead. Not only will it help to keep your motivation, it might also do that for your readers too. It doesn’t have to cost anything to start a blog, you can do it for free. The only cost is your time, but if you weigh that up against what it does for you, it may turn out to be priceless!


Other Motivators


Look beyond now, this is similar to setting goals, but look at the longer term results you’ll achieve and how it will make you feel. You can also do that with short term results. It’s probably better to use a combination of short and set goalslong term results to concentrate on.

When you make the decision to improve your fitness or lose weight, you’re usually doing it for a reason. Perhaps you are overweight, want to look better, want to fit into some clothes you’re not able to anymore, or perhaps you’re just not as fit as you should be.

Whatever the reason for change, focus on the outcome. How will it feel to be able to wear that outfit again that you’ve not been able to for years, or to actually be happy to look in the mirror, or even to be able to run that marathon without walking most of it? See it, feel it because it will happen.


It’s Down to You


You might want to invest in some home gym equipment such as a home rower or exercise bike because once you get started on one of them it doesn’t take long to get into it. This can be extremely motivating, plus you’ve invested hard cash into getting fit and healthy, so you might as well make the most of it!

Remember, you’re accountable to yourself, no one else is going to do it for you, they can help but it’s down to you. Be honest and true to yourself, delusion is pointless, it achieves nothing. Positive thinking can make a huge difference although it’s very difficult to be positive all of the time.

It’s quite easy to be negative, but to stay positive takes continual inner monitoring and effort. It’s not only about what you do, it’s also how you act, how you think, how you speak and your general attitude. Keep a check on it.

Be kind to yourself, if you achieve a goal then reward yourself. Knowing you’ll get a little reward, whatever it is, each time you achieve, will bring motivation.

We’re all different so there isn’t a “one size fits all”, but we do need something to aim for, or at least to focus on. Getting fit isn’t a difficult task, there are lots of ways to achieve it. Choose the best way that suits you. You know how to get motivation to exercise and eat healthy, but hopefully it’ll come naturally without effort. You’ll look and feel better, plus you’ll be a lot happier.

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