How to Take Care of Facial Hair (tips for growing a beard)

So you’ve decided to grow a beard, well now you need to know how to take care of facial hair. Yes, it will need care and attention. There may be a temptation just to stop shaving and hope for the best. That may work but it isn’t really the best idea.

In the early stages it actually is just a matter of not shaving, but once the hair starts to grow to about an inch in length, you need to do something about it. How quickly it grows varies from person to person. There are some people who simply cannot grow facial hair, a little bit of wispy fluff can sometimes work okay but that’s normally only with younger adults. If it isn’t working perhaps is best to acknowledge it and move on.

If you are able to grow it then you need to give it some time because it simply can’t happen overnight. Some people can grow more quickly than others but it does take time so do bear this in mind.

The Beginning Stages

One of the problems you may notice early on as it grows, is that after a few days it may begin to itch. As difficult as it may seem, try to bear with this because it will lessen once the stubble begins to grow longer. It’s almost as if there’s a magical barrier you go through and then it seems ok, as long as you groom it properly.

You may even find that because you’re not used to it on your face, you feel dirty. Again, you need to just bear with it until you’re used to it. It’s important to make sure you let it grow some length before you start shaping it.

Once the hair does begin to grow and you get beyond the itchy stage then it is best to continue until you have around an inch of growth. Once you have something to work on then you can decide on the shape you would like it to be. The shape really depends on the shape of your face as to which look is best for you.

If you let the hair grow to some considerable length then it is best to trim at least once or twice a month, but if you’re going for the stubble look you’ll need to trim it every couple of days to keep it in good shape.

Facial Hair Care

Once your beard is fully grown and you have the look that you want, how do you maintain it? Let’s be honest, there is a temptation to not do anything other than when you’re washing your face. It’s amazing how many guys use old fashioned soap. Yes, that’s all some do, but it’s not very good if you’re after a well-groomed look.

If you’re only using regular soap it might cause dry or flaky itchy skin, remember that as you wash the hair, the skin underneath will also be affected. Avoid soap if you can, although there are some makes which use natural moisturising ingredients. You may be surprised but a moisturising shampoo is what you really need.

how to take care of facial hairFacial hair is obviously much thicker than the hair on top of your head, it can be wiry so use a conditioner as it will really help to soften it. Because anything you put on your facial hair will also get onto your skin under it, there is a danger of clogging your paws if you’re not careful and of course this can cause spots.

Beard oil is a good option to use, it will soften the hair but also hydrate the skin and will also add a shine to the hair. Oil will also help to avoid dry and flaky skin. There are a few different brands available but it’s advised to use around 6 to 8 drops a day rubbed into the beard, but if you only have stubble then you’ll only need to use it perhaps once or twice a month.

Another important point on how to take care of facial hair is to make sure you have a good beard trimmer. You can use a regular shaver but it’s best to have the right tool for the right job.

Make sure you buy a good one because it shouldn’t cost too much and will make a good addition to your arsenal products and tools that help you keep looking good. Take a look at our article about the best rated beer trimmers, it’s is by no means a definitive list but at least it will give you some ideas of what you might want to buy.

Another thing to consider is diet. Having a healthy balance of food will help in the same way it can with any health matter. Both vitamin B and biotin are said to be beneficial to hair but there doesn’t seem to be any definitive evidence that proves taking supplements will have any benefits to facial hair. If you want more advice on this or do intend to take supplements it’s best to consult a doctor beforehand.

The Bottom Line

Wearing a beard is fashionable, more so at the moment than it has been for a long time, but it’s the way it looks that counts. If you look back to the hippie period of the mid to late 60’s when the long wild look was popular, it doesn’t seem quite right. It’s interesting how fashions change, but the thought of an unkempt dirty clump of hair on a guy’s face is probably left back there in time!

Male grooming has changed for the better in recent years as there’s far more products and advice available. If you are thinking of going beyond a five o’ clock shadow, remember to give the hair time to grow to a decent length so that you can actually do something with it. Let the shape of your face be a factor in the type of beard you have and make sure you nurture and look after it.

Most of the advice is simple, straightforward and common sense. Hopefully you’ve now got some ideas about how to look after facial hair and doing it doesn’t seem to be a pain! If you want an idea for a good beard trimmer, have a look at our TRYM II Rechargeable Hair Clippers review.