How Many Cigarettes is Too Many?

Would you agree that most people who smoke wish they hadn’t started in the first place? If you’re a smoker, you’ll know that giving up is probably one of the most difficult things you’ll ever try. Perhaps you could cut down on the amount you smoke, but how many cigarettes is too many?

Interestingly, it’s thought that up to a third of all smokers think that just a few cigarettes a day isn’t damaging to health. Not true, you might be amazed at the latest findings.


Do You Know How Many Cigarettes is Too Many?


You might be surprised at the findings of the latest research from the National Cancer Institute. It found that people who said that they smoked an average of less than one cigarette a day have a 64% higher risk of dying early compared to non-smokers.

To reach their conclusion they undertook a huge survey. They studied almost 300,000 people who were questioned about their smoking habits for each decade of their life. Most of those who took part had their results studied when they reached 71 years old.

Those people who averaged up to half a pack of cigarettes a day over a lifetime, were 87% more likely to die early compared to non-smokers. This figure alone is shocking, but the fact that smoking one cigarette a day means you have nine times the risk of dying from lung cancer than a non-smoker, is also shocking.

The research also looked at deaths caused by respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. It found that people who smoked between one and ten cigarettes a day, had over six times the risk of dying from respiratory disease than non-smokers. The results also showed a one and a half percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than non-smokers.


Time to Kick the Habit?


Giving up does have a beneficial effect, but of course some damage will already be done. The younger you are when you give up, the lower the risk. Those studied were from one particular group, mostly white and aged between 59 and 82.

There does need to be more research with a wider group of people because certain minorities have different patterns of smoking habits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently looked into this with their report of the Burden of Tobacco Use in the US. The research from the NCI though, does conclude that there is no safe level of cigarettes, even one a day can be harmful. How many cigarettes is too many? The answer seems simple – any amount.