How to Pick a Rowing Workout – a Quick Guide

Once you’ve bought and set up your home rower, it’s a good idea to look for a good rowing workout plan. It might not be as easy as you think to find one that suits you as people are usually at very different levels of fitness. If you’re unsure about how to pick a rowing workout and some of the things to consider, then read on! There’s also some suggestions for beginners too.

The easiest way to decide on a workout to suit you is to first decide on your goals and what you want to achieve. If it’s just a case of wanting to lose a bit of weight and get fit, the best option is to start off slowly and keep steadily at it. Some guides will encourage stamina training which will entail keeping up the level of repetitions for a long time, but this isn’t really a good idea if you’re just starting out.


Getting Started After You Pick a Rowing Workout


It’s best to start off slowly, then as you begin to get fitter you can then increase the workout.

The best way to progress your rowing machine workout is by slowly increasing either:

Duration of workout – It’s pretty obvious that the fitter you get the longer you will be able to keep rowing. So by sticking at the exercise for a longer period, the more fit you’ll get and see the rowing workout benefits.

Average Speed – This is another great way to up the performance of your workout, increase the speed at which you do it. Of course this may take some time to build up to so you’ll need to wait until you are ready, but once you’re able to get up to a good speed you might even be able to get double the reps completed in half of the time.

Increase Resistance – This is one of the great things about modern home rowers, the resistance is adjustable so if you notice the level you’re at is getting too easy, you can simply increase the resistance. Then if you’re able to keep the speed up as well, this will make it a lot tougher very quickly.

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Final Word


The most important thing is that you need to have fun with it, change your exercise routine around as often as you can. This can prevent boredom setting in and will help you to keep on going!

We hope this has given some ideas of how to pick a rowing workout, but also have a look at How to Use a Rowing Machine and the Best Home Rowing Machine.

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