Should I Grow a Beard?

Have you ever asked yourself, should I grow a beard? Most guys consider it at some point during adulthood. With some it seems to just happen naturally for varying reasons. There are the lazy ones, those who just can’t be bothered to go through routine of shaving. For some it’s all about the natural look and for others it’s all about the fashion.

Growing a beard has always been portrayed as a symbol of masculinity or manhood. Gods, prophets and kings throughout history were often pictured with a beard. Earliest records show the Egyptians grew and groomed beards. Other ancient civilizations dyed and oiled them, with some even using gold dust in them for show. It’s thought shaving began in Roman times, but became more popular after that. Beards of different styles have come in and gone out of fashion since then.

Whatever the reason for growing a beard, it isn’t advisable to just let it grow. Now some do go for the wild look but it does have its drawbacks. In fact there are pros and cons to growing any style of beard, some you may not have thought of!

Why Should I Grow a Beard?

Usually the number one reason for growing one is because it’s fashionable. If you look at pictures or old photographs of young men in the early part of the 20th century it’s amazing how many had beards. The same can be said about the mid-60’s when it was the thing to “drop out man”!

hippie beard
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out and Grow a Beard!

Fashion is a statement about who you are in the same way as beards can be a statement of manhood, so it’s easy to see how they can go hand in hand. When it is about fashion it’s all about style, so grooming becomes very important. The groomed stubble look is very popular and is easy to maintain but does need regular trimming.

If you grow the hair longer it can act as protection for the skin, it will help to keep harmful sun rays out. In fact it’s thought a full beard can block around 95% of them. This is a good and natural way to help block out UV rays which can cause no end of problems for your skin. That in itself might be an answer to the question, should I grow a beard as the benefit is plain to see.

Not only will facial hair act as a filter for the sun but also for dust. Yes, it can actually help to filter out some of the dust in the air from reaching your nostrils. This is good news for those who suffer from allergies, where the beard stops some of the dust in a similar way to how nose hair does. If the hair is a dust filter that highlights the need to keep the beard clean!

Keeping the hair clean is important but growing it can help to prevent skin problems. If you have sensitive skin it can be a problem shaving regularly as it can cause a rash. This is obviously lessened if you don’t have to shave.

For those who suffer from ingrown hairs, letting it grow can help. It’s normally the first stages of growth that can cause the hair to grow beneath the skin. If you can get it past that stage without too much problem, then with it being longer there should be less in-growing. Both sensitive skin and ingrown hair can cause spots to form so growing the hair can help to prevent those problems.

The areas where there are hair follicles have thicker skin so it’s less prone to damage. When you let the hair grow it protects the skin from the elements such as wind which can dry it out. The hair also helps to prevent loss of water through the skin which means it stays better moisturised. It’s claimed by some that this will help slow down the ageing of the skin beneath the beard.

Strange as it may seem, but hair that covers the face and neck will help to keep you warmer. It may not be that noticeable but it can be enough to help prevent you getting ill. It might be just enough to help prevent you catching a cold or getting a sore throat.

Why Shouldn’t I?

There aren’t really any good reasons to not grow a beard but fashion might be one. It’s really interesting how what’s in fashion tends to be an influencer. Some change as soon as the fashion changes but others take their time to go with it. It’s those who take their time to come round to a new look that get left behind and so aren’t really ever in vogue. If that’s you, beware!

We’ve already said that a beard takes some looking after. You can go for the rugged, unkempt look but it probably won’t do you any justice. Cutting and trimming does take up time, probably longer than keeping cleanly shaved so you need to be prepared to put in the effort.

You’ll certainly need to keep it clean otherwise it can cause an infection. When you think about food going into your mouth or worse, blowing your nose, it’s easy to see why cleanliness is so important. Shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser will need to be used to stay clean and healthy.

Although not absolutely necessary, but if you do want to maintain a good looking beard you’d be better off with using the correct tools for the job. This obviously means extra expense but it will be worth it. If you want a relatively cheap but good solution, have a look at the TRYM II Rechargeable Hair Clippers which are very popular and do a pretty good job. You might also want to read about the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman, which are also a big seller.

Your Choice

The bottom line will come down to whether a beard will suit you or not, you won’t know until you try! Then, if you’re fashion conscious you’ll probably take that into account as well. Of course not everyone is able to grow much facial hair which can leave the face looking messy.

If you have skin problems a beard can be a help if you look after it properly. When you apply moisturiser to the skin under the hair it’s more likely to stay on the skin rather than if you have a clean shaven face which makes it easier to rub off.

It’ll take a few weeks to grow, not too much maintenance, but it will need constant trimming and grooming which might become tiresome. On the other hand, it’ll only take a few minutes to get rid of it if you don’t like it. So ask yourself, should I grow a beard and it’s likely you’ll know the answer instantly.